Research Activities: Dusty Lensed Starforming Galaxies


Utilizing data from exciting ‘big science’ sources such as ALMA and the South Pole Telescope, Dr. Vieira and his colleagues are successfully identifying ancient gravitationaly lensed galaxies which contain stars. Student researchers are assisting in the ongoing analysis and identification of these galactic structures.

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Research Activities: Anti-Reflective Coatings for the SPT-3G Telescope

ARStackHaving become involved with the South Pole Telescope early in it’s development, Professor Vieira’s lab is contributing to the next generation camera being built with collaborators from Fermi Lab, University of Chicago, Berkely, and many other institutions. The work being done at University of Illinois is focused on new processes enabling efficient creation of anti-reflective coatings for millimeter wavelength optical systems.

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Research Activities: Next-Generation Anti-Reflective Coating Processes

CutLensletIn addition to the work being done for the SPT-3G third generation camera, the ObsCos lab is working on the larger problem of efficiently and accurately producing anti-reflective coatings in various substrates. This research spans disciplines and involves lasers, custom tools, high frequency simulation, software development, and careful metrology.

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Big Science Data Analysis


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