Data Analysis

Big Science Data Analysis

Research Activities: Dusty Lensed Starforming Galaxies


Utilizing data from exciting 'big science' sources such as ALMA and the South Pole Telescope, Dr. Vieira and his colleagues are successfully identifying ancient gravitationaly lensed galaxies which contain stars. Student researchers are assisting in the ongoing analysis and identification of these galactic structures.

Research Activities: SPT Data Analysis


Members of Dr. Vieira's team are also working on data analysis for SPT-POL and models for SPT-3G. Data from the South Pole Telescope is being used to identify very distant, high-redshift submillimeter galaxies (SMGs). Analyzing these galaxies, some of the earliest and oldest in the universe, can provide a wealth of information on galaxy formation and evolution. Dr. Vieira's team is also working on models for the next-generation SPT-3G instrument, to determine what objects it will be capable of observing, what improvements it brings over existing instruments, and how those improvements can be best utilized.